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Blocks is a private, minimalist habit tracker that you can use to track your mood, how long you spend at the gym and share your deepest darkest secrets with (we call it “journalling”).

Habits are all about progress and consistency. That’s why with Blocks, you can quickly see how your week, month & year are going at a glance.

Standalone habits are powerful. But a habit that triggers another habit? Well damn, that’s habits squared. With Blocks you can stack habits together to create a routine for maximum habitual accomplishment with minimal habitual pain.

We know you have a little thing called life, so you can schedule your habit for specific days of the week, or every few days, if it’s not an everyday thing.

It’s private by design, the data never leaves your device, so we’re none the wiser about the hot naked yoga sessions you do on Monday’s, Wednesday’s and Friday’s.

It’s minimalist and gesture-based — because habits should be about the habits, not about the app.

So why wait? Habit nirvana is just one click (and many tiny repetitive actions) away. Sign up for free today